Ordering process

Please be advised that:

  • All orders placed through the wholesale portal www.perfumes-wholesale.eu are binding

  • The placed order constitutes a purchase contract

  • The client receives an e-mail when the order is received and when the goods are being sent to him/her

  • The place of delivery is the address specified by the purchaser as the "delivery address"

  • Complaints concerning visible defects and/or a missing number of products from the order should be addressed immediately after receiving the goods

  • These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller, and are in effect from the date of sending an electronic order

  • By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he/she has carefully read, understood and accepts all the terms and conditions stipulated on this website

  • Access data, information, price lists etc. may be used only by the business partner registered at the portal and only for their business

The ordering process (as shown above):

  1. Careful reading of our Terms and Conditions

  2. Request for any additional information

  3. Registration

  4. Placing an order

  5. Receiving order confirmation

  6. Making any changes to that order or informing the sales agent if you intend to add something within that week

  7. Agreement to finalize the order and submit it for packing

  8. Packing

  9. Proforma Invoice

  10. Payment

  11. Shipment (upon received payment)

  12. Sending of Shipment Notification e-mail to client (includes Tracking No. of each parcel and the final invoice .pdf)

  13. Client follows safety protocol when receiving goods

  14. Client informs us in case there has been problems with the shipment (delayed, lost, damaged or incomplete shipment)

Feel free to request for some SPECIFIC ITEM selection that you are interested in, in case you can not find it at the moment on our stock.  We will do our best to provide you in a timely manner with our feedback (possibility to supply, delivery time, quantity and anticipated price range). WISH LISTS, as well as SPECIAL DEALS requests will be arranged on an individual level between the client and the sales agent in charge of the transaction.

Minimum order


The minimum value for a single wholesale order should not be below 500 EUR.
Trial orders are an opportunity for the client to have a test trial of the delivery service and verify for himself the authenticity of our products.

Options how to place an order with us

  1. Website e-shop

    • Take advantage of your own client account and the shopping cart. You can place your order directly through our e-shop. Utilize the aid of many Categories, Filters, and Searches in order to easily find what you are looking for. Keep in mind, that goods that you have placed in your shopping cart are not automatically reserved for you. The order must be completed and sent to us, in order for the requested products to be reserved. Once the order is completed, you will receive an immediate notification on the website that the order has been sent. You will also receive an automatic e-mail from the website, containing order details (ordered products, Qty, price) and the Order Reference No.

  2. Quickshop

    • Buy our products easily & fast through QuickShop. Find this function in your account. Just paste the Ref. No. of the item, requested Qty and choose the Stock from which the goods you want to order. You can also upload the .csv file with your order.

    • You can import files for Quickshop directly by clicking on Checkout.
  3. CSV, XML and XLS files

    • This is the preferred method for clients that are already working with internal stock & price comparison software in order to analyze offers of multiple suppliers. You can download our Stock offer as .csv, .xml or .xls file. For uploading your order we kindly ask you to use .csv file and keep the column with our Internal Product Ref. No. This is necessary for us to import your order into our system and quicky process it.

    • To obtain URL adress of xml feed, click the right mouse button and copy link when selecting particular file in Download section.
  4. Via E-mail

    • For those of you that prefer the more traditional approach, we welcome you to place an order directly into our e-mailed XLS offers and send the filled-in file back to us. Order confirmations will be sent to you via e-mail, as soon as the order is accepted, processed and reserved for you.

  5. Via phone request

    • Feel free to call us to make requests and reserve goods directly via phone with our sales agents. Order confirmations will be sent to you via e-mail, as soon as the order is accepted, processed and reserved for you.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation is sent via e-mail to clients once the order has been processed by us and the goods have been reserved. We sent order confirmations before we start the packing process. Ideally, all changes to the order should be done at this point, before we start with the packing.

Once you receive the order confirmation, please inform us:

  1. if this is your final order and we should start packing it,
  2. or if you intend to make any additions and we should keep your current order open

Orders can be open for up to 10 days before closing the order and invoicing. All additions have to be settled during that period. The client has the responsibility to immediately inform the seller if the order needs to stay open for any further additions. Otherwise, all received orders without such notification will be treated as closed, given for immediate packing and invoiced. Once the order is closed and invoiced, the client has 1 week to execute the payment. Orders will not be reserved beyond this period if no payment is received. Please make sure that in case of any issues with executing payment within the stated due date, you timely inform us, so that we can come to some arrangement.

ORDER CONFIRMATION IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PAYMENT. It does not include any transport costs.

Cancellation of orders

Orders can be cancelled by telephone or via e-mail correspondence, only before the order is packed. Thus, the cancellation time-frame is valid only from the moment the order is made till before it is packed.

Please, bear in mind, that the penalty fee for unpacking is 10 EUR per box.