Company profile

ZNZ ELECTRONICS s.r.o., founded in 2004, it is one of the first company in the Czech market that starts off with the internet business model. We operate both in the retail and wholesale segments of the perfume and cosmetics industry. As students, we decided to exploit the possibilities of the internet and test out the e-commerce model. By providing reliable service and quality products, we were able to teach, engage and win over a new client base, which up until that point was accustomed to purchase only at traditional sale venues. After a while, we needed larger space. Currently our offices are based in Prague 4 - Nusle and our warehouse (1800 m2) in Prague 10 - Malešice. About 40 permanent employees, alongside additional temporary workers, are responsible for achieving a base of satisfied customers.

The wholesale division of ZNZ Electronics started in 2005, focusing on few select, big volume clients. In 2013, the focus is extended to incorporate medium and small clients as well. Over 60% of the new small to medium enterprises (SMEs) were start-ups, which over the past 3 years have grown into successful businesses, and tripled their initial ordering volume per week. Currently, the wholesale division can boast with over 1500 active database clients. The main territories of export are in East and South Europe.


  • 1800 m2 of warehouse space and offices
  • Permanent stock of over 2.6 million EUR
  • 73% increase in wholesale turnover during 2014 - 2015