The new B2B API follows most of demands of our customers.

The API server URL is https://api2.perfumes-wholesale.eu.

Most simple API workflow:

  • POST /auth - log in, get token, use it in next calls -* POST /cart/empty* - clear the cart, make sure the cart is empty, the cart is shared with B2B portal (only if you are using it)
  • POST /cart/addItems - add items - could be called multiple times or with more items at once
  • POST /cart/shippingAddress - you can set the shipping address by reference or by it's content.
    • Pro tip: You can add the shipping address in your profile in B2B portal and then you can use the reference. Hardcoded...
  • POST /cart/paymentMethod - once you know the method codes, you can use is hardcoded, we will NOT change it
  • POST /cart/shippingMethod - DDTO
  • POST /cart/order - order placed with default billing address
    • Pro tip: you can provide special parameter in the request body and let us know, that this particular order is for testing purposes.


For a more sophisticated approach please follow our documentation and use advanced calls.