All complaints shall be handled in accordance with the laws in force in the Czech Republic. Please take a look below at the guiding rules for managing complaints for damaged or missing goods.

Damaged goods complaint

1/ When using our delivery service

If you are using any of our delivery services (DHL, GLS, PPL), complaints regarding damaged goods should be immediately and directly reported to the delivery service provider, on the spot, while receiving the packet(s). Our goods have been insured. However, the only way to successfully file a claim for damages is for the client to open the packet and examine the goods in front of the delivery personal. After reporting damaged pieces with the delivery provider, please report this issue with us as well, as soon as possible, and no later than 3 days from receiving the shipment.

If you claim goods without reporting damage to the carrier (the box was delivered without any visible outer damage), we take into account the goods claimed 7 days from the date of receipt (we do not process claims from customers). Always take pictures of boxes or palletes before opening. It is supporting documentation to the claims.

Always send us the invoice number from which the claimed goods are and photographs documenting the status of the product(s).

If the time limit of one week from receipt of the goods is respected, we handle complaints in the following cases:

  1. The box of the product is damaged - we solve it either in the form of a credit note or additional pre-agreed discount (in the order of percent according to the level of damage).
  2. The product is obviously in a state where it cannot be used as an item for resale (e.g. spilled perfume) - we solve it in the form of a credit note.

If the end customer suspects that the item is a counterfeit, or detects malfunctioning mechanics, these claims will not be taken into account.

2/ When arranging own pick-up, Ex-Works Prague

If you are not using our delivery service but have instead arranged for your own pick-up, please keep in mind that we will not accept any complaints for damaged goods. Pictures of the goods and the packing process and result are taken, and will be e-mailed to you together with your invoice. We give over the goods to your transport service in perfect condition, and from the moment of surrendering the goods we will not be accepting any responsibility over them. With EXW shipment terms, the client is responsible to insure the goods from our warehouse to his.

Missing goods complaint

If you discover that invoiced items are missing from the received order, please report this problem immediately to us. We will check within our stock and over our video records if we've missed to pack the pieces in question. If the mistake is ours, we will acknowledge full responsibility and offer you the following options:

  1. ship you the goods with your next order
  2. or issue you a Credit Note in case you no longer need those items

Please keep in mind that for all complaints that we receive on the client's behalf, we will require visual proof (photo).