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Please find below detailed instruction on how to integrate our XML feeds into your system and make your ordering process automatic via API.

On our website portal you can find available for download 2 XML feeds, intended for the individual address of each user/client. One feed is the comprehensive catalogue, and the other feed is the stock availability of products - with a simpler design, intended for frequent downloading.  The catalogue feed is updated once per day (at 3:15 CET). You don't need to download more often. Availability feed is updated every 30 minutes.

You will have to download the actual current and updated feeds from the website. The feed URL is unique for you, so please use only feed URL you in your profile https://www.perfumes-wholesale.eu/znz/feed/.

If you implement our feed from scratch, please ignore the feeds marked v2013. Those are only for back compatibility.

To facilitate orders, we also offer an automatic interface for ordering.

On the URL https://api.perfumes-wholesale.eu/order/import  send POST request with the fields

    username - username of your business (email)
    password - the password for your business
    items - text in CSV format with the identifier of the item and the number of required pieces. Aleternatively you can add maximum acceptated price including currency (EUR or CZK) and requested warehouse. The delimiter is semicolon.

The system responds with text in csv format with the identifier code of the item and with the number of successfully added pieces, price including currency, warehouse and order number.
In case of bad login data or data import a message with HTTP 403 will return to you. In case of any other problems, the system will return HTTP 500.


username=your email
password=your password

HTTP Response:

63330;8;26.18;EUR;Warehouse Naskové;5000154
69345;3;4.10;EUR;Warehouse Naskové;5000154
69345;0;4.10;EUR;Warehouse Naskové;

So 63300 was ordered 8 pcs instead of 10 for the price 26,18 Eur.

58778 was not ordered at all.

69345 was ordered 3 pcs for 4,10 EUR and 69345 with the requested price 3,99 EUR was not ordered because the current price is higher.

The name of the warehouse (which was used) follows and the number of the order.

The delivery and billing address, delivery terms and payment terms will be set automatically to the values stored in the system as default. You change the delivery address at
The default delivery terms and payment terms you can change at
If you need to change billing addres, please contact us, we need to to validate it for tax reasons.

Please contact us immediately should you have any more questions or if you encounter any problems while implementing the instructions.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Using our photos is subject to contract. Please, contact us at info@perfumes-wholesale.eu for more information.



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