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All the prices shown on the wholesale portal www.perfumes-wholesale.eu are without VAT. The company ZNZ ELECTRONICS Ltd. works only with trusted business partners, therefore the mere act of filling-in and sending the registration form does not automatically entitle the potential customer to the wholesale price list and the subscription products.


All orders placed through the wholesale portal www.perfumes-wholesale.eu are binding. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he/she is familiar with these terms and conditions, the complaints procedure and that he/she agrees with them. The placed order constitutes a purchase contract. The purchase contract is in effect once the buyer's order is received. The electronic order is completed when all required data and information are properly filled in. The place of delivery is the address specified by the purchaser as the "delivery address". The ownership title over the goods passes over to the buyer at the takeover, which happens when the payment of the purchase price is successfully completed. By completing the registration form and/or by placing a binding order through the online wholesale portal www.perfumes-wholesale.eu, the purchaser consents to the collection and archiving of personal data and purchases made on the portal. The customer recieves an e-mail when the order is received and when the goods are being sent to him/her. Complaints concerning visible defects and/or a missing number of products from the order should be addressed immediately after receiving the goods, without any delay. For more info on addressing complaints, go to section D.

Minimum Order

The minimum value for a single wholesale order should not be below 500 EUR.

For some 1st time clients, we allow for Trial Orders, which are lower in value than our standard minimum order, but not less than 300 EUR.  Trial orders are an opportunity for the client to have a test trial of the delivery service and verify for himself the authenticity of our products.


Orders can be cancelled by telephone or via e-mail correspondence, only before the order is shipped. Thus, the cancellation time-frame is valid only from the moment the order is made till before it is shipped.


Shippment conditions for all countries in Europe, except for the Czech Republic and Slovakia (the terms of shipment for the latter are specified on the Czech version of this page)

Delivery cost rates

Freight is calculated individually, based on the size of the order and in terms of real costs.  The expenses for the shippment reflect the real costs undertaken by ZNZ ELECTRONICS Ltd. More details on this can be found on our Delivery section.

Shipment time

The orders are shipped on the same day we receive the funds on our bank account. Keep in mind that we do not ship the goods based on a TT-copy of executed payment. The bank account is check daily at noon. Orders are shipped everyday at 4 PM.

Protocol to be followed when receiving the goods

All orders have been carefully packed, using special protective covers for each item, and protective stiro-foam pieces to fill in the gaps. For very big boxes, we've added a layer of stirofoam sheets on each side of the box. We do take pictures of every box we send to the client, in order to have a record of that packing process and its outcome for each order.

All boxes have been insured.  The client always needs to follow a specific protocol when receiving the goods, so that we can claim damages on his/her behalf.

Return of goods

Please keep in mind that our wholesale division will not be accepting any return of goods, after they have been ordered and shipped. Exceptions to this rule will apply only for damaged or spoiled goods for which the client can prove as valid the reason for which he/she want to return the goods, in the presence of the shipping service upon delivery.More details on this can be found in section D.


All complaints shaill be handled in accordance with the laws that are in force in the Czech Republic.

Please take a look at the guiding rules for managing complaints for damaged or missing goods.


These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller, and are in effect from the date of sending an electronic order. By submitting an electronic order, the buyer accepts all the provisions of the conditions which are in force at the date of submitting an order. Access data, information, price lists, etc. may be used only by the business partner registered at the portal and only for their business; such data should not be made available to third parties.

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