What is a tester?

Perfume TESTER marked the packaging differs from the normal rule, only box, which is of ordinary cardboard with black ink and is not wrapped in foil. Scent bottle, sprayer and its contents are the same. Of course, this is a new, totally unused goods. Some manufacturers also do not supply cover dispenser. Due to the much lower price of the tester is an ideal choice if you are buying perfume for yourself. As a gift, however, we do not recommend more tester.


W - womans fragrance

M - mens fragrance

EDP - Eau de Parfum

EDT - Eau de Toilette

EDC - Eau de Cologne

AS - after shave lotion

ASB - after shave balm

DST - deostick

DEO - deospray

BL - body lotion

SG - shower gel

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