Complaint Management

Damaged goods complaint

If you are using any of our delivery services (DHL, GLS, IN TIME), complaints regarding damaged goods should be immediately and directly reported to the delivery service provider, on the spot, while receiving the packet(s). Our goods have been insured. However, the only way to successfully file a claim for damages is for the client to open the packet and examine the goods in front of the delivery personal. After reporting damaged pieces with the delivery provider, please report this issue with us as well, as soon as possible.

If you are not using our delivery service but have instead arranged for your own pick-up, please keep in mind that we will not accept any complaints for damaged goods. Pictures of the goods and the packing process and result are taken, and will be e-mailed to you together with your invoice. We give over the goods to your transport service in perfect condition, and from the moment of surrendering the goods we will not be accepting any responsibility over them. With EXW shipment terms, the client is responsible to insure the goods from our warehouse to his.

Missing goods complaint

If you discover that items that were invoiced to you are missing from the received order, please report this problem immediately to us. We will check within our stock and over our photo records if we've missed to pack the pieces in question. If the mistake is ours, we will acknowledge full responsibility and ship you the goods with your next order, or we can agree to another arrangement that suits you.

*Please keep in mind that for all complaints that we receive on the client's behalf, we will require visual proof (photo).

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